standard // €60

regular service on bikes needing some TLC

Frame, fork, wheels & components are fully safety checked & assessed for wear & damage; brakes are checked, aligned & adjusted correctly; gears are checked, indexed & adjusted correctly; drivetrain is checked, degreased & lubricated; wheels are checked & small buckles trued; full torque check of all bolts; tyres are checked & pumped to the correct pressure; check & tighten all accessories.

premier // €95

in-depth service for hard working bikes

All of the above plus: Full bottom bracket service - crankset is removed & inspected, BB is cleaned & regreased; full headset service - headset is removed, cleaned & regreased; front fork is fully removed, checked and refitted; wheel bearings are checked & adjusted; bike frame & fork are cleaned; bike test spun & signed off by mechanic.

elite // €145

suited to high performance bikes to keep them in tip-top shape

All of the above plus: New Shimano inner gear & brake cables fitted; full bike valet performed; free gear tune up included (within 8 weeks).

master // €295

have your road bike fully rebuilt & detailed over 2-3 days by our Master Mechanic

Meet & discuss work with Karl; full strip down of bike back down to frameset; drivetrain soaked in parts washer for 24 hours; frame, fork, components & wheels are painstakingly valeted; bike fully rebuilt with new inner & outer gear & brake cables & new bartape fitted; test spun by Karl; Di2 update (where applicable); free follow up service included (within 8 weeks).

Additional Services…

Bike Valet // €35

Degrease drivetrain; Karcher jet wash bike; dry & polish (for gloss finish) or dry & apply matte finish protector (for matte finish); apply bike perfume; lubricate drivetrain.

Standard Puncture Repair // €15

Safety Check // €30 (Suits brand new/unused bikes needing to be checked & tuned)

Basic Fitting Charges // €10 (For Tyres, Chains, Tape, Cables, etc)

Basic Labour Charges // €25 (For BB’s, Headsets, 3rd Party Parts, Small Jobs, etc)

Assessment & Quote Charge // €10

Orbea Katu Loan Bike // €10 per day

Brake Bleed // €25 per line

Disc Brake Pad & Rotor Clean // €10 per brake

Bike Build or Boxing // from €50

Wheel True // €20

Wheel True with Spoke Replacement // €30 incl. 2 spokes

Crash Check & Report // €50

Di2 Update & Diagnosis // €50